Hunting and Recreation

The IX is home to wildlife such as: elk, white tail, mule deer, antelope, mountian lion, bobcats, coyotes and prairie dogs as well as upland game birds such as grouse and pheasant.

In 2009 the ranch developed a wildlife management plan with Chris Faber of Bear Paw Hunts. Chris, a good friend and neighbor of the family, has been guiding hunters in and around the Bear Paws since 1987. Fabers and the IX have a long history together and are excited to be working with one another.

Bear Paw Hunts

Bear Paw Hunts offers an opportunity to hunt many different areas of land that is managed for quality wildlife. If you are interested in hunting, please contact Chris through his website at or call him at (406) 386-2256 or (406) 945-2050.

Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks

For more information on fishing and hunting in montana visit: MT Fish Wildlife and Parks

Big Sandy, Montana