We pride ourselves on raising top quality quarter horses, able to withstand the pressures of a working cattle ranch.

These animals are an integral part of the operation and are the primary cattle management tool, used to reduce animal stress and impact to the environment. The ranch runs 35 registered quarter horses along with 6 brood mares. The ranch breeding program uses established bloodlines of: Zan Parr Bar, Two Eyed Jack, King P-234 and Doc's Jack Frost. Sires include Barons Fancy 2, Rey De Piqua, PC Joes Frost, Sona Doc O Sugar, Tuff Time Peppy and Orphan Zany.

Three new studs were purchased in 2007, Buggins O Lena a 14 year old and two yearlings out of Lone Drifter. Horses owned by the ranch are branded on the front left shoulder with a Flying “A” brand. Horses owned by the Roth family are branded with a TL brand on the right hip.

Colts are weaned in the fall, halter broke and trained to stand in the barn, lift their feet, lead and enter and exit the horse trailer. Colts are provided good feed and water as well as plenty of human interaction. When horses turn two years of age, they are saddle broke. Training starts in late summer with a refresher course of all the things the horses were taught as colts. Young horses are trained to understand Whoa, Come, and Back. These commands, taught to us by our good friend Pat Wyse (, are to be used by everyone who rides our horses. By the time fall rolls around, these young horses are being ridden nearly every day. Careful attention is paid to nutrition, body condition and feet to ensure longevity.

The ranch provides educational opportunities every two years for both the horse and its rider. This ranch sponsored horse clinic is put on by Patrick Wyse, a world-renowned horse trainer from Townsend, Montana. Pat is able to train riders of all skills and abilties which has been a real benefit to all who participate. Young and old, expert and beginner, Pat teaches fundamentals. He and his program have proven to be an asset to our operation and the welfare of our horses. Pat has put on these clinics for the ranch for the past 15 years and we look forward to many more years to come.

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