The IX Ranch is very proud and fortunate to have some of the best, most experienced and dedicated employees in the business.

Rusty Sparks and Todd Amsbaugh, the ranch's two COO's have been with the ranch over 20 years and still continue to exhibit the work ethic that has established their professionalism. Through their efforts both Todd and Rusty have been able to hire exceptional people to join our team. The IX Ranch is proud of its employees and their commitment to our success.

The Team

  • Empoloyee

    Steve Roth

    President & CEO

    Steve Roth

    Steve Roth

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  • Employee

    Rich Roth

    Vice President

  • Employee

    Rusty Sparks

    IX East Manager

  • Employee

    Todd Amsbaugh

    IX West Manager

  • Employee

    Shane Cox

    NL Foreman

  • Employee

    Michael Lacey

    Seifert Foreman

  • Employee

    Linda Kay Lacey

    Michael Lacey's Wife

  • Employee

    Diane Sparks

    Rusty's Wife/EC Chef/Data Input Manager

  • Employee

    Keri Cox

    Shane’s Wife

  • Employee

    Paula Amsbaugh

    Todd’s Wife

  • Employee

    Karen Roth

    Steve’s Wife

  • Employee

    Katia Milius

    Chef (Iowa)

  • Employee

    Michele Manhart


  • Employee

    Jeremiah Stephan


Training and education opportunities exist for all and we continue to seek people who are interested in ranching careers.

Employment Application


The internship program has helped our managers become better leaders while improving the opportunities for future employment for the young men and women who participate.

Intership Opportunities


Since 1955, our main goal has been to raise high quality feeder cattle while maintaining our natural resources in the way Mother Nature intended.

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