Operating on over 120,000 acres in and around the Bear Paw Mountain range in North Central Montana, the ranch is home to over 3,000 head of mother cows.

Cattle on the IX are worked on horseback and treated with care and respect. We would like to think that our cattle are even happier than those in California. Facilities on the ranch are designed with cattle and horse in mind and employees are taught how to handle cattle in a stress free manner. We have implemented cattle handling techniques by Bud Williams and facility designs by Temple Grandin

Cows on the IX are crossbred Hereford/Red Angus and Angus. They are moderate in size and will weigh approximately 1250 lbs. at full maturity. In order to keep heterosis and a quality cow herd, 10 percent of the herd is culled each year. Those cows consist of tested drys, tested bred culls and cows with behavioral or structural problems such as temperament, bad feet, bad udders and poor body condition. Three-year-old and older cows are exposed to bulls for 45 days while replacement heifers are exposed to bulls for 30 days. Cows age 3 and up have a pregnancy rate of 92% while replacement heifers have a rate of 88%.

In 1955 the ranch was entirely Hereford. As research and genetics improved, crossbreeding was implemented to improve heterosis. In 1988 Red Angus genetics were introduced. We retained the F1 females out of our 2 year olds and eventually out of our cow herd. This management strategy proved to be the foundation of the cow herd we have today. As “black” cattle started to dominate the market in the mid 90’s, we could see the writing on the wall. Good quality “red” cattle were being discounted due to color, not performance. The ranch purchased its first group of Angus bulls from Performance Breeders in Sidney, Montana in 2002. Eventually the ranch formed a relationship with Stevenson Basin Angus in Hobson, Montana and has been purchasing bulls from them ever since. Predominate sires in our herd are Future Direction and Basin Max 602C. Other sires represented in our herd come from Vermilion Ranch – Billings, Montana and Leachman Cattle Co. – Wellington, Colorado.

Each year the ranch sells approximately 1,300 steer calves, 800 yearlings, and 400 cows. 75 percent of the steer calves are sold off the cow with the remainder being sold as weaned. These calves are sold the end of October. 700 All Natural yearling heifers along with 100 yearling steers are sold off the ranch in mid-September. Ten percent of the fall steer calves are cut from the sale group and run as yearlings. A younger group of steer and heifer calves which comes off our cows that do not calve before April 20th are also kept on ranch and run as yearlings.

The important thing is these cattle... - Arthur Roth

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IX Ranch crew members are trained in Beef Quality Assurance and Low Stress Animal husbandry. We take pride in the way we not only raise our livestock but how it is treated. We understand the value of treating animals with respect and kindness. We care for them as we would our own family members to ensure their time spent with us is as enjoyable as possible. These actions result in a quality product to the end consumer.

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