IX Ranch is a Model Multigenerational Montana Ranch

which produces exceptional quality livestock. IX Ranch is dedicated to long-term value creation for our shareholders, management, employees, and customers. Enlightened utilization and conservation of natural resources and superior economic returns are the primary bench marks of accomplishments.

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Eagle Creek

The Eagle Creek ranch is located 18 miles southeast of Big Sandy on the Warrick Road. This part of the ranch is more mountainous as it sits up against the southeastern edge of the Bear Paw mountain range. Aspen groves and Evergreen Trees are abundant here. Range grasses include most species of Wheat Grass, Blue Grama, and Timothy.

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The NL ranch is located 30 miles southeast of Big Sandy on the Cow Island Trail. This ranch was added to the operation in 1969 and is home to over 400 cow/calf pairs during the spring, summer and fall. During the winter months, the ranch utilizes the NL to pasture and feed 1,000 mother cows.

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The Seifert ranch is located 24 miles south of Big Sandy off of Highway 236. Over 400 cows are calved here every spring as well as the feeding of 450 three-year olds and 500 older cows during the winter months. A 400 acre center pivot produces cereal grains and alfalfa as part of the ranch's crop rotation plan.

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The Whitcraft ranch, located 5 miles southeast of Big Sandy is the hub of all ranch operations. The majority of all shipping, calving, weaning, testing and hay production takes place here. Owner and Vice President, Richard Roth, his two children Jessica and Ryan along with Todd Amsbaugh, COO of the West Division and his wife Paula reside at the Whitcraft.

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Merry IXmas!

Dec 20 2014

Posted In: News | By: Rich Roth

Well its that time of year.  Time to feed out all the hay we put up over the summer.  Its a crazy cycle and one that would seem monotonous to most.   Young cattle have been being fed since November 15th.  They receive between 15-25 lbs of hay each day depending on temperature and what […]

Chili Feed – A Big Sandy and IX tradition

Sep 26 2014

Posted In: News | By: Rich Roth

Every small town in America likely has a fire department or volunteer fire department of some kind.  Big Sandy is no exception.  And every year for the past 30 years the Big Sandy Volunteer Fire Department has held an annual chili feed fund raiser and every year the IX has donated the beef to feed […]

Ultra sounding the mares

Sep 23 2014

Posted In: News | By: Rich Roth

This year with the help of Dvm. McCann and Dvm. Lamb at Bear Paw Vet Clinic in Havre, MT the management crew of the IX was fortunate to learn a little bit about ultra sounding mares and horse oral hygiene.

Sorting in E. Birch Creek on the NL Ranch

Sep 22 2014

Posted In: News | By: Rich Roth

It has always been a challenge sorting pairs at the NL.  The nearly 450 pairs that summer out there are always way down in what we call the “Breaks” country at the time when we need to get them sorted into their weaning groups.  In the past we would spend all morning gathering cattle and […]

Livestock For Sale

Each year we offer a selection of steer calves and yearling heifers from a long line of cows that date back to the mid 50’s when the ranch was 100% Hereford. Through the decades the ranch has adapted to the changing markets by taking advantage of genetics to improve heterosis and performance. Today the ranch’s cow herd is nearly 50% Black Angus and the offspring produced are both black and red in color.

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Big Sandy, Montana